Why Social Media Is Important to Your Company [Importance Of Social Media Marketing]

Social media has changed the way people live their lives today. Social media acts as a networking site; it has made communication much more comfortable. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Snapchat etc. It allows exchanging the information and content like data, videos and images. Significance of social media can be seen in various areas such as business, entertainment, lifestyle, food, politics, welfare etc.

As per the studies conducted recently, it has shown that 87% of youth is using social media platforms for building communities, jobs and internships.

According to research, people spend 3 hours per day on social media networks messaging.

It is shown that Facebook is the market leader. There are 68% of people using Facebook and stays the most widely used social media platform, among others.

Instagram has recorded a rapid increase of 150 million in January 2017 to 500 million daily active stories worldwide in January 2019 for business motives.

According to the latest data, 91% of humankind practice social media from mobile equipment.

  • Awareness campaign – social media act as an awareness campaign where the people put up their issues and help other people to grow. It has also supported many poor people and needy people by charity and contribution through campaigning on social media.
  • Promotion – every business should have a Social media account for promotions of new products that have launched recently by the organisation. It acts as a marketing and advertising strategy to connect or reach out to the customers to know their needs and wants. According to the analysis, 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been beneficial for their business.
  • Communication – As, we all know social media acts as a networking point between two people or the community. We can get in contact with our friends, family and colleagues who live miles away. It also allows users to have video calls in audio calls with friends, family members and colleagues.
  • Sharing data – social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram etc. allows the users to share data such as photos, videos and audio clips. It is a benefit for businesses to showcase their current and forthcoming products on social media for insights of customers.
  • Trends – Facebook Instagram blouse uses to know the global trends, news etc. to be updated with the current scenario or situation. It helps us to see the growth of society, culture and nation. Following trends in fashion food lifestyle helps organisation companies to match the needs of customers and consumers.
  • Community – social media platforms help people to build community and exchange ideas and knowledge which help us to grow in our life. Everybody needs an organisation to enhance their way of living. Building community also helps a business to grow as they get to know the customers and consumers point of view.
  • Branding – social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram helps startup companies and businesses to help them for self-branding as they can visually picture their content online. Products policies and events to be performed by the organisation. It also allows the client and shopper to know about the company or the product in a simple setup.
  • Sales – social media such as Instagram Facebook has helped people to grow their businesses online, which help them in this pandemic to earn money. We have seen companies running offline, but in this period, online business has better scope and profit compared to offline business as we can fetch or reach out to people globally. The inquiry exhibits that¬† 71% of customers have a positive experience with brands on social media and approve their friends and families as well.
  • Influencer – social media influences various people to show up the skill in multiple fields on the platform online and motivate others to rise with their talent as well. There are many pages and websites on social media which help individuals to expand their skills and explore different elements. The influencer has also been a part where people tend to follow up and learn from them. As per the research, it is shown that 49% of customers depend on recommendations provided by influencers on social media.
  • Recruitment – social media platforms give advantage to business organisations for recruitment of new employees in the organisation and helps them to employ competent and eligible people adequate for that particular designation. Also help people to know about the openings accessible in the companies so they can apply their profiles online on social media networking stations such as naukri.com, monster and LinkedIn etc.

In the end, I would like to conclude by mumbling that it depends on the particular individual how they utilise social media as an advantage for expanding the business and strengthening themselves.

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