How Does Own Website Helps Digitalize Business to Stand Out in COVID-19?

In the upcoming times, businesses will become more and more relevant depending on their digital strategy. It is considered that in many cases, businesses will become the deciding factor in how they can stand out from the tough times lying ahead.

In this emerging Global Economy, e-Commerce has already become an important business strategy component and a strong participant for economic development. Developing a strong Business Website by professional companies has now become the most trending option for businesses to enhance the scope of online transactions and sales. 

Several companies can benefit from their website to display their products and services from small businesses to medium-sized businesses.

The speedy invention of new technology in retail marketing has led customers of all spheres to expect a unified and reliable experience with their everyday lives. Unlike a standard website, which usually works for search and gain information, e-Commerce website services help their users purchase goods and services without going to a physical market. 

Why Are E-Commerce Websites Important?

To get new customers, every business owner should understand where the prospects go while looking for a purchase. Following the widespread effect of the pandemic where most customers are switching to all sorts of online services, it is essential to have a convenient and robust website. Now, let’s have a look at the importance of having a website for your business.

  • It gives you an online presence and opportunities to build your reputation.
  • Your website gives you a professional look. You can showcase your achievements and awards. You get a branded email (e.g., [email protected]), which adds more professionalism.
  • You can attract more customers through Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Expand your business from the local reach and opportunities to go global.
  • Saves money on advertisements and distribution costs.
  • Customers will have a 24/7 connection with your business.

Customers can visit your website at any time and have a look at the services or products that you have to offer. Even they can purchase products and services anytime. Potential clients do not get restricted to any particular time; instead, they go online and purchase products whenever they want. Websites are the most reliable path that dramatically boosts sales. 

Creating Your Business Website?

There are various methods that we’d recommend for building a business website. Here we will recommend two methods, Website builder for beginners and WordPress for those who are a little tech-savvy.

How to Build a Business Website with a Website Builder?

  1. Get a unique domain name that suits your business purposes
  2. Create a professional email address
  3. Now choose a business website builder
  4. Pick a template that will act as your design springboard
  5. Add content (home page, about us, contact us page, and some blogs)
  6. Add some integrated features like Social media integration, Live chat, Customer testimonials, and Live Chats
  7. Optimize your site for search engines with proper steps
  8. Publish your website

You can go for Weebly, Shopify, and Etsy for your Ecommerce website. The customers highly prefer these since they are responsive, mobile-friendly, and visually stunning.

How to Build a Business Website with WordPress?

Decide whether WordPress is perfect for you as it requires technical knowledge to get a website out from it.

  1. Pick the right hosting plan as it will keep your site work along smoothly. You can buy your hosting plan along with your domain name since most of the hosting providers offer both services.
  2. Now install WordPress from your hosting control panel. 
  3. Choose a theme from hundreds of free themes, or you can buy it as well.
  4. Create content and pages accordingly. There are ready-made templates available as well if you go for a theme builder like Elementor.
  5. Install plugins from 5000 free and paid plugins. WooCommerce plugin is highly recommended for eCommerce.
  6. Have a look, publish, and maintain your website

How to Make a Website with VioletDB?

Learn to build your website and understand domain and hostings with VioletDB’s Web Development Courses. With the help of interactive courses, you will be able to master your skills in back-end programming and understand WordPress settings.

VioletDB’s Web Development Courses aim to make certified web development professionals with proper training and guidance. These online courses will give you hands-on experience for working on real-time projects on important modules.

Boost your career in this domain with the help of one of the most comprehensive WordPress and Social Media Combo Course by VioletDB. Here are some of the take-away skills:

  1. You will learn to design banners and images of a website.
  2. You will learn to explore page builders.
  3. You will learn how to create blogs.
  4. You will learn basic SEO configuration.
  5. You will learn all about Facebook ads, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest marketing.

Today, the world is influenced by the Internet. Every business now is much dependent on the web. A proper online presence is highly significant for every organization, helping them advertise, promote, and sell their products and services to their potential clients.

You might think you are doing fine with just social media marketing. But as discussed before, a website is a sign of professionalism. Direct the users to your website through social media ads. Make the website user-friendly and informative. It proposes the best opportunity to get a sales conversion. 

So what are you waiting for? Join our courses and make your website stand out from the crowd. We are always happy to help!

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